data governance vs data management

Data Governance vs Data Management: Which Does Your Business Need?

Are you making the most out of your data? For many businesses, there’s plenty of room for improvement. That’s where data governance and data management come in: These processes ensure that businesses collect the highest-quality data possible and manage it effectively.  But which process is most important: Data governance vs. data management? There are pros…

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insurance fraud prevention

Using Data Analytics for Insurance Fraud Prevention

About $80 billion in fraudulent insurance claims are made every year in the United States, and this is just a conservative estimate. Many more cases of fraud go undetected because insurance companies don’t have reliable tools to identify them. However, there’s a solution to this widespread problem. Using comprehensive data analysis for insurance fraud prevention,…

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business intelligence helps an agile organization to

Business Intelligence Helps Agile Organizations Make the Most of Their Resources

All business owners want their organizations to be as efficient as possible. They want to make sure that their time and resources are being put to good use.  Business intelligence helps agile organizations achieve that goal. An effective BI strategy can speed product development and improve the quality of the services you offer. By picking…

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business strategy consulting firms

Why are Business Strategy Consulting Firms Becoming so Popular?

There are more than 700,000 business strategy consulting firms worldwide, and the number is expected to increase. What has led to this boom in business consulting? Here are three possible reasons: More consulting firms are using data analytics to accurately identify industry pain points; Advanced firms use offshore technology to maximize existing resources and infrastructures;…

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business intelligence in insurance industry

The Advantages of Business Intelligence in the Insurance Industry

Some of the most successful companies in the world use business intelligence (BI), and the insurance industry is no different. Companies that use BI services and tools have many advantages over those that don’t, including: Better data storage options More accurate data analytics and reports Reliable predictive modeling Business intelligence in the insurance industry is…

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application of business intelligence in the banking industry

5 Tips for Effective Application of Business Intelligence in the Banking Industry

Since the crisis of 2008, the banking industry has been under pressure to avoid another crash. Industry leaders have had to guide their organizations carefully and adapt to a host of new regulations. They haven’t done it alone, however. Banking industry leaders have gained visibility into many challenges by using business intelligence. BI offers the…

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