Fraud Detection And Prevention Leveraging Data

To Detect and Prevent sophisticated fraudsters – Fraudulent claims, illegal account takeover, con artist, scam artist.

Leveraging data and analytics using statistical techniques and machine learning algorithms to develop fraud detection model. This model, using complex congruence of mathematics and algorithms, will rank agents and customers on a scale ranging from being the least risky to be the most susceptible to get compromised or commit a fraud. The detection model solution was put together by crunching data from a variety of databases, nonconventional data sources, Insurance claims, User data (social media, cell phone, ATM usage), graphs, financial records and other contextual data including historical and current data. The Solution provided by us incorporate Descriptive, Predictive and Prescriptive analytics, the machine learning algorithms that were incorporated in the solution, continually update and automatically learn or retrain using the latest data so that any new fraud patterns are immediately identified and audited.

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