Data is available in abundance. An organization using its data wisely stays ahead of the game. We provide tailor made solutions to empower you with the ability to harvest your data when you exactly need it.

Data Blending

A growing number of organizations similar to yours are dealing with a variety of data sources. This creates a challenge to bring all this data together for integrated analysis and information extraction. Tek Leaders’ consultants help you leverage quickly and efficiently access multiple data sources to deliver powerful insight to your company and customers.

Data Integration

Extracting, Transforming, and Loading (ETL) data into a data warehouse is always a complex and time consuming process. In the present day scenario, sometimes not all the data needs to be normalized for loading in the data warehouse. Data from homogeneous sources and complex transformations provide challenges that may make the process difficult. Our consultants are ready to help you with every challenge you face in data integration.

Data Warehouse Virtualization

A data warehouse provides your organization with an optimized platform to serve as the basic blocks of your analytics and reporting. Traditional data warehouse approaches have been expensive to implement and maintain creating significant barriers to entry for most organizations.

At Tek Leaders, we offer the benefits of data warehousing without any risk through data warehouse virtualization. We work with the latest virtualization tools that significantly reduce the time and cost of building and maintaining your data warehouse but harness the power of having a data warehouse.


Our analytics enables you to bring out the information you are looking for from the data you have by using the power of Alteryx self-serving analytics tool and a powerful structured analytics solution.

Consumer Analytics

Consumer Analytics is the key! There are organizations who have extensive data about their customer and who do not have a complete spectrum of customer data. In whichever category you fall, we have a solution for you. These fragmented pieces of customer information aren’t useful on their own, whereas when we empower the data with the missing pieces with the help of Data Management tools, which allows you to easily bring together data into a holistic picture. Utilize drag-and-drop analytic capabilities to gain insights into your customers and ultimately better serve them.

Fraud Preventive Analytics

Are you losing money on fraudsters? We have got your back. Tek Leaders have successfully implemented preventive fraud analytics capabilities in the past which helps in stopping the fraudulent activity from occurring. Our consultants have the right tools and the technical know-how on implementing the right solution tailor made for your company.

Predictive Analytics

Predicting future trends or decision points can give you a step ahead of the competition, but is always a multiplex task. It might be difficult but it is not impossible! However, leveraging predictive analytics is no longer restricted by entrance barriers. Power BI’s advanced predictive analytic capabilities combined with Python & R-programming allows for sophisticated and accurate predictive models without the hassle. You can make better decisions and stay ahead in the game.

Spatial Analytics

Being in the center of the action is critical, it gives you a business advantage over competition. Take advantage of spatial analytic capabilities to understand how people behave in terms of time and space. As you explore data with your own, you will discover valuable insights that can help you strategically position your organization around where people are. Our Consultants will help you optimize various facet of your organization end to end.


Visualizing brings you a step closer in deciphering the data. We provide you with interactive and intelligent dashboards to facilitate you in understanding your data.

Self Service Reporting

Empower your audience to answer their questions by themselves. Data stored in table in the databases are never reachable to the people seeing the reports. Our solution will make sure that the interaction between the audience and the underlying data is seamless and productive.

Interactive Dashboards

Most organizations lack effective dashboards that support data driven decision making. Our experienced consultants help you create dashboards and solutions that not only answer your questions, but open the door to new thinking as you interact with the data. We enable your organization to make more informed decisions and travel in the right direction.

Sharing and Publishing Reports

Share the dashboards and reports created across specific users, groups and the whole organization. In Server, you have access to a tool that allows you to scale from self-service analytics to organization-wide insights. Whether sharing a quick spreadsheet based report or publishing an enterprise dashboard our solution will help you get started.

BI Portals

BI portals have become the norm in every organization. BI portals pave the way to access the reports and insights which makes them critical for day to day operations. Investing in BI portals and realizing the benefits of it is becoming a farfetched task. Take back control of your BI with a custom portal. Common challenges we solve include custom branding, security, time complexity and universal availability. Tek Leaders combine the experience working with multiple BI tools and portal development to bring all of your BI to one place.