Why You Need IT Managed Services

Tek Leaders’ IT managed services maximize your IT department’s limited resources. Outsource your smaller troubleshooting chores to us and free up your on-premise IT staff. Your staff can focus on high-level decisions and tasks that will make your business more successful in the future.

IT departments have a massive amount of work on their plates at all times. They’re responsible for making difficult decisions about the company’s technical architecture, hardware, software, and networking needs. They also have to handle dozens of smaller troubleshooting tasks every day.

Your IT experts don’t want to waste precious work hours rebooting routers, helping other staff members login to the system, or downloading software patches. They want to focus on the bigger decisions that help drive the company forward.

This is only possible when you hire an IT managed services provider to tackle some of these smaller troubleshooting and maintenance tasks.

You’ll See Immediate Results

Hiring Tek Leaders for your IT maintenance helps your organization do more with less. Here are just a few of the major benefits you’ll see:

  • More frequent hardware and software updates;
  • Better security with up-to-date security patches;
  • 24/7 IT support available by email, live chat, and phone;
  • Immediate responses to possible security threats, errors, and network outages;
  • Frequent data backups and data loss prevention;
  • Customized solutions for your business’ unique needs;
  • Predictable monthly maintenance costs; and
  • Cost savings due to less downtime and hardware repairs.

Your on-premise IT staff will also feel better supported knowing they have a resource to fall back on whenever they need extra help. Our dedicated staff is here to make your job easier.

A Solution for Every Industry

Tek Leaders’ IT managed services are designed to fit seamlessly into any business strategy and industry. Our solutions are fully customizable. We work with you to decide how much support you need from our staff and will help you identify the specific tasks you should outsource.

Here are a few industry-specific solutions we offer:


  • Financial data analytics software licensing and security patches
  • Customer portal technical support
  • Internal business intelligence portal technical support
  • Backups of important financial data


  • Fraud detection software licensing and security patches
  • Policyholder portal technical support
  • Internal business intelligence portal technical support


  • Immediate downtime response
  • Frequent software maintenance to keep track of shipments and inventory
  • Web portal support for online orders

We understand that no two businesses are alike. At Tek Leaders, we offer flexible IT managed services that address every challenge your business might face.

What Makes Tek Leaders’ IT Managed Services Different?

What sets our IT managed services apart from competitors is our hands-on approach to technology management. We don’t offer just one management package for all of our customers. Instead, we look closely at your business roadmap and evaluate exactly what you need on an individual basis.

Do you need 24/7 support? We have you covered.

Getting immediate answers to your questions is absolutely essential. We can provide an expert to answer those questions at any time, day or night, weekday or weekend.

Do you want to improve your data security? We can do that.

You’ll never have to update an important software security patch yourself. Our staff check for new security patches on a daily basis and ensure that your software is always up to date.

Are you transitioning to the cloud or using new software? Let us help.

Not only do we provide comprehensive maintenance and IT support, but we also help businesses transition to new technologies and strategies. There’s always a learning curve when you license new software or change the way you do business. We help you make the change smoothly and efficiently. Our staff is here to offer you advice on best practices, technical troubleshooting, training, and anything else you need.

When you hire us, you don’t have to worry about any of the finer technological details. You can make the best choices for your business knowing that we can find a way to make the technology work for you.

The Next Steps

If you’re ready to maximize your resources and make the most out of the latest technology, get in touch with us today.

First, we’ll ask you a few questions about your business and get to know your unique needs. We pride ourselves on our ability to listen to our clients and understand their core business values.

Next, we’ll design a customized IT managed services plan that addresses these core values and your goals. This is an ongoing dialog. We give you the power to choose exactly what services you want throughout the process.

Once we have a plan in place, we put it into action. You’ll pay a small monthly fee for our customized services and receive the highest level of care every day. This support is unlimited every month, so you can use our staff’s resources as much as you need.

To get started, fill out this contact form and tell us a bit about yourself and your business. We look forward to hearing from you!