The benefits of managed services models are far-reaching and abundant. That’s because managed services have a trickle-down effect that affects an entire company.

When you hire an IT firm that specializes in collecting and analyzing data, you’ll notice more than just an improvement in data and report quality. You’ll also see unexpected benefits in time management, office space availability, operational costs, compliance, and many, many more.

Here are some of the main benefits of managed services models: 

  1. Reduced operational costs
  2. Faster scalability 
  3. More efficient time management

However, in order to experience all of these advantages, you must choose a trustworthy managed services model provider that will take your business’ specific needs into consideration.

The Cost Benefits of Managed Services Models

One massive benefit of managed services models is that they often reduce operational costs over time. With managed services, you pay an IT firm a set monthly fee to [LINK WHEN LIVE (managed services vs. pro svcs.) perform daily tasks or complete larger projects]. This is especially useful when you’re juggling multiple projects, because you won’t face any unexpected costs. You can predict exactly what percentage of the budget will go toward the outsourced IT department six weeks or even six months from now and plan accordingly.

By contrast, having a large in-house IT department comes with a number of additional (and sometimes unexpected) costs, including: 

  • Renting storage space for equipment and servers;
  • Hiring security personnel and buying surveillance equipment to prevent theft;
  • [LINK WHEN LIVECloud storage fees] ;
  • Software licensing fees;
  • Hardware rentals or purchases; 
  • Paid staff training;
  • Equipment maintenance costs;
  • Costs related to unexpected downtime;
  • Individual employee salaries, paid time off, health insurance, and overtime; and
  • High utilities costs (especially with multiple servers or ISP data caps).

These costs make it much more difficult to create a reliable monthly budget and predict your IT expenditures.  

When you [LINK WHEN LIVE outsource your IT department], you can eliminate nearly all of these additional expenses. The IT firm takes on the brunt of these expenses, allowing you to reap the benefits of managed services models with little financial risk. To gain all of these benefits, you should choose a fully-outsourced model if possible. Not having any in-house IT staff is generally much more cost-effective than hiring your own employees (even if your in-house staff is fairly small). 

Improved Time Management and Around-the-Clock Service

If you have a technical issue, you’ll want to get in touch with your IT department immediately to fix it. However, your IT department isn’t necessarily available at all hours of the day. Unfortunately, technical problems don’t just happen on weekday afternoons–they can happen anytime, weekends and holidays included. 

If your website is down at 2 a.m. and your European customers aren’t able to access it, you may have to wait hours for your IT employees to work and resolve the issue. In the meantime, you could lose revenue and potential customers. 

One of the benefits of managed services models is that you’ll receive 24-hour support every day of the week. Reliable IT firms always have team members on-call who can answer your questions immediately.

Besides around-the-clock support, outsourcing your daily IT needs gives your employees more time to work on other important projects. Instead of having your in-house IT expert troubleshoot network connectivity issues all day, he or she can instead work on an innovative new project that will help drive your company forward. Your current employees will feel as if their time is better spent throughout the day and can take more pride in their work. 

In this sense, maintenance services models can even work in harmony with your in-house IT staff, taking on all of the smaller tasks that your in-house staff dreads doing every day. You don’t necessarily have to outsource your entire IT department to gain some of these time management benefits. 

Greater Technology Adoptation and Scalability

It’s very easy to maintain the status quo, but it’s much harder to push a business strategy forward. This is one of the benefits of managed services models: Greater flexibility and resources, which help you to pivot to new business strategies and make use of emerging technologies. 

Many small and medium-sized enterprises struggle to make use of the latest technologies. They don’t have the resources or staff to implement it. There may only be a few IT experts who have experience working with the new technology, and as a result, it could take years to fill that position. In the meantime, large-scale global enterprises are already using the technology and have a team of experts at their disposal. 

To stay competitive and reap the benefits of the latest technological advances, you can hire an IT firm that already has these experts on staff. Reliable firms stay up to date with the latest technologies and know where to find the best experts. They also have the resources and time necessary to train staff on how to use new technologies. 

By hiring these firms, you’ll have some of the greatest minds in the industry working on your projects. This makes it easier to pivot in a new direction and scale your business up or down very quickly. For example, if you want to introduce a new technology for the first time, you can enlist the help of the firm to prioritize this project. Later, if you want to cut back on expenditures during the down season, you can negotiate your contract so that the firm only handles daily tech operations and maintenance.

This also has an impact on your company’s ability to meet new compliance standards. If your state requires you to implement a new technology or provide more security for your system, you can have the IT firm do it, quickly. The best IT firms will even perform compliance research for you and offer suggestions on how to meet or exceed guidelines. 

Using the Benefits of Managed Services Models to Your Advantage

In order to experience all of the benefits of managed services models, you must hire a reliable IT firm that offers customized support. Tek Leaders provides two managed services models that can be tailored to fit your business’ specific needs. Our offshore managed services model includes a full team of experts who can provide everything you need to run a successful business. We handle all of the administrative tasks, technical support, financial reporting, data analytics, visualizations and more. Or, if you simply want to improve efficiency and keep your current system running smoothly, you can request our maintenance services option. We always provide the highest level of service to our clients, so no matter which model you choose, our team of IT experts will have a powerful impact on your business.

To experience the benefits of managed services models for yourself, contact Tek Leaders today. We offer a number of customized managed services and IT consulting options that will help you generate the best results. Or, if you have more questions about the services we offer, you can reach us by email directly.

Author: Shashank Reddy Tummala.

Shashank is the COO of Tek Leaders inc.He helps SMB’s to achieve their goals in their journey of Digital Transformation.